Inclusive Learning Community

University Life Inclusive Learning Community (ILC) is a professional development opportunity specifically designed for UL professionals that would focus on developing competencies pertaining to multicultural education. As part of our division-wide strategic planning efforts, UL is creating a pathway for students to develop competency in this area and it is equally important that we actively pursue our own ongoing education as well. These areas have been identified by both ACPA and NASPA as priorities for student affairs professionals. It is the expectation of the senior leadership that all professionals in the division participate in this community.

The ILC is presented in two formats – 2 full days as well as 5 weekly workshops for a total of 12 hours.

More specifically, participants will learn how to:

  1. Recognize and articulate the basic concepts of diversity, multiculturalism, and cultural difference.
  2. Articulate basic ideas about the nature of stereotypes and assumptions regarding the various identities people carry.
  3. Develop basic awareness of concepts such as privilege, oppression, microaggressions, and the potential impacts these concepts have in their lives and the lives of the people around them.
  4. Recognize the intersectionality of identity within self and others.
  5. Identify strategies to support and inclusive environment and/or experience.
  6. Identify strategies on how to be an ally to an individual and/or group to which they do not belong.
  7. Understand how to contextualize a situation in terms of the impact on an individual, interpersonal, institutional and systems level.

Please note that this intensive training involves self-disclosure by choice with colleagues and it is expected that all participants will honor our confidentiality guideline.


Participant Testimonies

  • I entered the learning community a little skeptical about how deep the conversations would go. Would they play it safe or really ask us to think and explore difficult and uncomfortable topics. I felt as though I was challenged and ‘fired up’ to play a key role in changing current patterns and ways at Mason and beyond. The facilitators were well trained and the content made sense in a way that allows us to first focus on our own selves and then on the way institutions propagate oppression. This should be required of all Mason staff.    
  • I found this experience to be challenging in the best ways possible; days later, I’m still working through conversations of significance. These conversations have the potential to help our community and its members grow in many ways.
  • Participation in University Life’s Inclusive Learning Community (ILC) was one of the most rewarding personal and professional development experiences thus far at Mason. These workshops not only provided an opportunity of self-analysis and reflection; but, were also informative and empowering. The facilitators are passionate and truly make the experience memorable by modeling ways of expression and providing real life examples to the material offered. Participation in the ILC has certainly increased my desire to learn and do more!


Upcoming Inclusive Learning Community programs

  • Preference of Cohort
    Training dates for 2017-2018 will be forthcoming.