Supervision Collective Committee

Vision and Purpose:

The University Life Supervision Collective provides a network for current and future supervisors to share experiences and solutions for navigating challenges faced when supervising students, graduate students, and professional staff members.

The vision of this collective is to support supervisors’ campus wide by providing resources and education while creating a community environment to further one’s professional development.

Philosophy and Member Expectations:

  1. Commit to the vision and purpose of the Collective, the university, and to each other.
  2. Promote a safe and interdependent learning environment with a focus on continuous improvement.
  3. Pursue the research of trends, current topics and best practices.
  4. Actively listen and participate in the respectful exchange of ideas.
  5. Collaborate with and commit to learning from and along with current and aspiring supervisors at all levels across the university.
  6. Value diverse perspectives by sharing our personal and professional experiences and contributions.
  7. Encourage authenticity and challenge each other in engaging dialogue that moves our work forward.
  8. Contribute to the development of ourselves and others as outstanding supervisors and professionals.
  9. Leverage our strengths to engage in teamwork around cooperation, collaboration, consensus-building with a little humor and fun.
  10. Value our time together as volunteers. Be honest and transparent with our needs and lean in to seek support.

Committee Members:

  • Kelly Meehan, Student Centers- Co-Chair
  • Meeghan Milette, University Life- Co-Chair
  • Louise Higgins, Student Success Coaching & Contemporary Student Services
  • Dennis Kisielewski, Mason Recreation
  • Kim Dao, Disability Services
  • Glenda Cosby- Student Success Coaching
  • Sarah Atif- Office of the Ombudsperson
  • Lauren Kaplan, Student Involvement
  • Amy Snyder, University Life

To join, or for more information contact Kelly Meehan | | (703) 993-3416 or Meeghan Milette | | 703-993-6391

 To learn more about the Supervision Collective Committee’s programs and initiatives, visit